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The thrill and romance of shooting Old West firearms might not be possible today if it were not for gun maker Aldo Uberti. Most of the original 6-shooters, lever-action rifles and buffalo guns, worth many thousands of dollars today, are either locked up in private collections or on display in museums. This makes them unobtainable or impractical for shooting.

In 1959, Aldo Uberti began making replicas of Civil War-era cap and ball revolvers. He founded A. Uberti S.R.L. in the village of Gardone Val Trompia in the Italian Alps. Over the years, as his craftsmen gained experience, the company increased production by including more and more of the Old West firearms.

Uberti firearms are exacting replicas, down to the finest detail. Many are improvements over the originals, with the advancement of materials and the use of modern machinery.

Today, A. Uberti produces black powder revolvers, cartridge revolvers and cartridge rifles. The firearms set the standard by which Cowboy Action Shooting competitors and big game hunters judge other vintage firearms.

Uberti is part of the Benelli USA family of brands, headquartered in Accokeek, Maryland. Uberti firearms are sold through authorized U.S. dealers. In addition, parts and accessories are available online at the Uberti Gear Store.